Student Job: Frontend Web Design

(30-40 hours/month)

Sustainable Communication Networks (Prof. Dr. Anna Förster)


  • Knowledge in web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Template languages
  • Basic understanding of data structures and web data flows

Reccomended background:

  • Database / data abstraction knowledge
  • Knowledge in MVC design pattern
  • Knowledge in Python and the Django framework

Level: This topic is appropriate for Master Students

Language: German or English

Work Description

At ComNets, several projects require a web user interface. In most cases, a minimalistic interface is available. Regarding the end user experience and the overall usability, those can be optimized.

The systems are based on

  • the Python Django framework for the data processing and template engine
  • HTML5, Bootstrap4 and Javascript for the Frontend.

The task of this student job is, to extend and optimize the end user part of the project:

  • Optimize the user interfaces regarding modern design patterns.
  • Check for missing functionality and broken flows.
  • Check for bugs / error messages etc.
  • Keep track of the problems using an issue tracker on github
  • If possible: Fix the problems together with the supervisor


If you are interested in this work, please contact us via mail: