OLB Stiftung: First prize for Ana-Maria Oltețeanu's dissertation work

OLB Stiftung award ceremony

31 January 2017

BSCC member Dr. Dr. Ana-Maria Oltețeanu has received the 1st prize of the OLB Stiftung for her dissertation on cognitive creative artificial intelligence entitled "A cognitive systems framework for creative problem solving". The OLB Stiftung offers prizes every two years on two categories: best doctoral dissertations and best diploma/master theses in all fields. For this occasssion, 127 theses were judged by a renowned independent interdisciplinary jury. The prize ceremony took place at the beautiful Theater Laboratorium in Oldenburg, and was moderated by journalist Katharina Guleikoff, by the OLB Stiftung representative Karin Katerbau and the jury representative Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mittelstraß.

The jury was formed by Prof. Dr. Walter Berka (Universität Salzburg), Prof. Dr. Friederike Hassauer (Universität Wien), Prof. Dr. Axel Meyer (Universität Konstanz), Prof. em. Dr. Jürgen Mittelstraß (Universität Konstanz), Prof. em. Dr. Joachim Treusch (Jacobs University Bremen) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Wiesbeck (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).

Ana-Maria’s thesis represents a body of work aiming to understand the processes humans use when doing creative problem solving, and to build artificial intelligence systems which are capable of creative problem solving, based on similar knowledge organization principles. Ana-Maria Oltețeanu is currently working in the BSCC on her DFG-funded project "Creative Cognitive Systems". Learn more about Ana’s previous and current work.