Tiltification – An Accessible App to Popularize Sonification

Tiltification is a spirit level app for Android and iOS. The Psychoacoustic Sonification informs you about the pitch angle (i.e., how far you have to tilt your smartphone to the left or to the right in order to level it). In two-dimensional mode, the Psychoacoustic Sonification also indicates the roll angle (i.e., how far you have to tilt it towards you or away from you in order to level it).

Download the App at the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store or install it from the APK on our website.

We hope that this App is useful and handy enough so that users outside the Auditory Display Community will use it. This way, they get to know Sonification and understand how informative sound can be.


Teaser Video

Use Case 1: Hanging a Painting

Use Case 2: Leveling a Table

Use Case 3: A Perfectly Horizontal Photo

Demo 1: App Quick Start

Demo 2: Aligning at 45°

Tutorial 1: The Sound Button

Tutorial 2: The Lock Button

Tutorial 3: The Preset Button

Tiltification has been developed, designed, debugged and tested, advertised and communicated by the students of the Sonification Apps master project at the University of Bremen: Fida Mohammad Ahmadi, Malte Asendorf, Debaditya Bhowmik, Jiumeng Chen, Kelly Huynh, Moritz Kienzle, Steffen Kleinert, Endy Jatawan Kruesilp, Ying Ying Lee, Wei Luo, supervised by Tim Ziemer. Further information can be found on our project website.

This project is part of Tim Ziemer's research project "Three-Dimensional Psychoacoustic Auditory Display (3DAD)".